Austral Grains specialists in the production of oats in Chile

Austral Grains is one of the main producers of Chilean Oats that has more than 10 years of experience in the field where we take care of processing this type of cereals, rich in proteins that contains a high value in fats, minerals and vitamins that are healthy for the organism of human beings.

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We have a modern processing and treatment plant for Chile oats, which is equipped with machinery of German and Swiss origin, which allows us to perform an optimal and efficient process that gives us the possibility to meet all the requirements own our customers.

At Austral Grains we elaborate the following products:

In order to process the raw material of our products in Austral Grains we carry out an arduous elaboration procedure to obtain a correct import of oats from Chile, which begins with:

  • Reception of raw material
  • A pre-cleaning is done
  • Then an arduous cleaning
  • Unleavened
  • Heat treatment
  • Chopped up
  • Laminate
  • Grinding and packing flour

For more information, we invite all our customers to contact us at the telephone numbers that appear in the contact information.


Telephones: +56452535433
Address: Gluten Free Rolled Oats ar Ercilla 195, Pillanlelbún, Lautaro, Chile.

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